Swish & Flick

Most days when I sit down a my window and start to apply my make-up, I reach for my trusty eyeliner, so I can illustrate my eyes with a little cat eye flick. It’s a product I depend on and without it my face doesn’t look complete to me.

I’ve always said, my hair can be a mess and my outfit a disaster, as long as my eyeliner is CUT, I’m good baby. Sometimes I go big, sometimes I got for something a little subtler, but eyeliner is always going to be my favourite.

I thought, for all you fellow swish and flickers out there, I would share my favourite liquid eyeliners with you all. They range from the felt tip kind to ones with more of a brush tip, so whatever tickles your pickle – I’m sure there something here for you.

Essence Super Precise Eyeliner

This is my go to day by day eyeliner. It has a really nimble brush which has a teeny tiny tip which means you can achieve a small flick instead of going over the top.

It also drys matte which is a big plus for me, I hate shiny eyeliner! This is super duper affordable with various prices dependent on where you get it, but all under £5.

I get mine from Wilkos and its around £2.99 – £3.99. Bargain.

Soap & Glory Supercat

Supercat is next up, the cult fave which i heard everybody rave about maybe three years ago. They have a fat version which i personally wouldn’t use, but if you want that Amy Whinehouse bad-ass major flick – the fat version would be perfect.

This has a more felt tip kind of brush, meaning its super easy for beginners and you literally just have to draw the sucker on. Its harder to get a thinner flick with this, as its a tad clumsy and compared to others ive used, it does seem to dry out faster. But overall it has amazing staying power and takes almost no time to apply. This comes in at only £6, which is great if you want something easy.

L’Oreal Paris Super Black Lacquer

This is a slightly contradictory option, as this liner is shiny which ive already told you I hate. However, this eyeliner applies amazingly. It has a really nice nimble felt tip applicator, sort of like if the essence one and the S&G one had a baby – this would be the outcome. I dont use this eyeliner anymore, due to it not being CF, but when I did, I really enjoyed it.

There are others in the same product line which are like this but matte, but ive only ever used this one. I would possibly go out on a limb and say the matte version would be better if, like me, your not into the wet look eyeliner.

You can get this for around £6.50 – £7, which is not bad for a good eyeliner.


That’s that, my top three recommended liquid eyeliners, hopefully this helped those of you who are on the hunt for anew one to try – or just to add to the collection.

Let me know your faves below. Happy swish and flicking!

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