You all by now have heard if he awful news that rocked Manchester only a few weeks ago. That morning I woke up to hear the sound of the Tv on downstairs, unusual for a work day as the house gets ready. As I walked onto the landing my Mum rushed to the bottom of the stairs to break the news to me. Manchester had been attacked. An event not unlike those in France has erupted through the city I love.

Not wanting to believe the words, I ran downstairs only to be greeted by the damning images on the tv screen. I opened Twitter and prayed that nobody I knew was amongst the dead or injured. I found the ‘story esque flick through on the search page and instantly began to shake as I watched the videos. One was of people running through Victoria Train station, somewhere only 2 months ago I would walk through daily to get to and from work.

There were parents waiting for their children – hoping to pick up their kids who should have been full of excitement and still buzzing from their joy – but they were met by teens running and screaming down the stairs which joins the station to the arena. I can’t imagine being one of those parents seeing the fear in their eyes. I also can’t imagine being a parent waiting for a child that may never appear from the crowd.

Manchester has always been a strong city. It runs on comedy and character and by God if you ever told a Manc that they are in any way weak or soft. Us Northerners are tough SOBs but this, this evil is beyond comprehension.

Why? That’s what I would like to know. Why Manchester? Why at all? Why a concert that’s clearly aimed at young people and children? Why? It’s pure evil to want to incite fear and kill innocent people.

At the time of writing this, 22 have been confirmed dead, all have been identified, the youngest being an 8 year old girl. Let that just sink in, EIGHT. It was more than likely her first concert. Her first concert which was meant to be full of fun and memories ended with her life being taken by an evil coward.

Those 22 don’t deserve to die. The injured didn’t deserve this either. Those who have lost their loved ones didn’t deserve this. Nobody deserved this and yet with no reasoning or explanation – I woke to those images which I won’t ever be able to unsee.

As if it was not enough to endure, another Terror attack rocked London this past Saturday. An event involving a van, like the attack on Westminster only a month prior, and knives killed another 7 people.

I won’t be the first to iterate this, but when you see these acts of hate on the screens – in France, Belgium and everywhere – it hurts to see it but it’s different when it’s home. That may seem selfish and unfair but as much as my heart ached over the events in Paris, it’s nothing in comparison to my heartbreak today. It’s always somewhere else, and naively we think it will never happen at ‘home’ where ever that is for you, but when then it does. What can you say?

These events have shown not only the horrors of the world but also the passion and live that drives these cities. We have heart and it won’t stop beating because of such evil.

We must not let this defeat us. We fight terror and we stand tall, Our kid.

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