5 Ways To Improve Your Morning 

Mornings can suck, especially early mornings, and I’m yet to meet someone who describes themselves as a ‘morning person’. That may be due to co-incidence or because I clearly dont attract that type of person.

But for the past year and a half, ive found my own way to make my early work starts better. Its not all rocket science but you would be surprised how many people I know that cant even follow 1 of the next 5 points that I’m going to share with you to help improve your mornings too.

1. Get a good night’s kip

Nothing makes you groggier than staying up way too late binge watching Netflix. We’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole of watching episode after episode of a new TV series and then checked the clock to only see that you have to be up for work in 3 hours.

Instead of binge watching, try watching one or two in the evening so your not making yourself over tired and bonus: you will not run out of episodes too quickly, making you wanting the next season asap.

2. Plan ahead

My driving instructor used to always say to me ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ which had always resonated with me in all aspects of my life. You font have to go overboard with the planning but doing something as simple as setting your clothes out for the next day can decrease any stress you may have in the morning rush.

3. Drink water

This sounds obvious but before you drink coffee or eat anything in a morning, just have a nice big glass of cold water. Your body tends to dehydrate slightly whilst you’re asleep, especially if it’s been a warm night, so replenishing that lost hydration is very important.

A good cold glass of water will wake you up and give you a nice boost if energy which could replace your morning caffeine fix permanently.

4. Wash your face

Another good thing to do first thing is to give your face a good old wash. Splashing some nice coking water on your face and using whichever cleaning products you prefer stimulates the skin on your face, making you look more fresh and alert.

5. Eat breakfast

Another which sounds obvious but you wouldn’t believe how many people skip breakfast. When they say it’s the most important meal of the day they are not wrong. Having a good breakfast, even if it’s a quick one, will set you up for the day and means you won’t start to flag around 11 o’clock when you start to burn out. Something as simple as a banana is good as it’s a good source of potassium and energy.

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