Blush for bigger babes

When I was growing up, I always had wider hips and bigger breasts than the average teenager, something which my mother always told me was a family blessing, but as I got older I started to resent my wider frame due to some shops just shunning it entirely.

At 20 years old I realised I couldn’t get my jeans from river Island anymore because their skinny jeans just were not built for my frame. It was a pretty shit feeling and since then I’ve learnt that there are some shops I’ll never be able to buy from because I’m not a size 12. In fact even some shops that carry my size (16) actually size down their clothes so their 16s really fit like a small 14 which ends in me stropping in a changing room because of their bare-faced lies.

However, if you’re a curvier gal like myself then you’ll already know that some high street stores really don’t offer that much choice for those of us in a 16 or above, but one online shop that does is Asos.

Asos is awesome.

Seeing as one if the latest fashion trends st the minute is pink dresses in all types of fabric, I’ve compiled a little list of Asos’ greatest hits of the curvy blush toned kind.

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