Geek Chic

I previously made a post about make up geek cosmetics and their ethics, which you can read here if you’re interested, and since then I have been buying little bits from the brand.

My little collection is exactly that, little. I’ve begun with what they are mainly known for – their eyeshadows- and it’s safe to say they do not disappoint.

I have four different shades in a few different variations, all of which I loved as soon as I put pigment to skin. They are insanely pigmented with little to no fallout. My favourite thing to do at the minute is use a wet brush with a duochrome – and oh boy do my eyes look awesome.


The shades I currently have are Havoc and Steampunk; which are both duochromes, Anarchy; which is a shimmer and Bitten; which is a matte.

Havoc (top left on images) is described as a chocolate brown with a slight green sheen however, I’ve found it also has a purple reflect to it after its been on the lid for a little while. It reminds me of the lovely feathers on pigeon which reflect green and purple in sunlight.

Steampunk (top middle on images) is described as a dark chocolate with a copper shimmer. To me when it’s blended out, the edges look like a navy colour rather than a brown shade which adds to the quirk of this shade.

Anarchy (top right on images) is a muted plum red shade edging on the coppery side. It has a pearly sheen which is great for creating a halo eye look when you wet the brush.

I use Anarchy in conjunction with the shade Bitten (middle right on images) which is a matte burgundy colour. It wears really well and lasts for a good length of time before showing signs of fading. Also it’s a good colour for paler skin tones – I’ve found it hard to find a good burgundy eyeshadow that suits me but this one is brilliant.

I buy all my pans from the Beauty Bay website where I also got the magnetic Z palette* which will be able to hold 9 pans in total. As I’m writing this I’m already planning on the next shades to buy – more than likely some of the foil textures which people rave about.

Have you ever tried any MUG products? What would you recommend?

*as of recently there has been some controversy around the Z palette brand and some people have decided to not support them anymore.

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