Why January isn’t the worst.

So January gets a bit of a bad rep in my opinion. People are also quick to say its the most depressing time of the year, I mean there is such a thing as blue Monday fro crying out loud. Even on the radio this morning I heard the presenters talk about how they spend their break watching funny cat videos just to cheer themselves up (today’s vid was of a little girl who sneezed so hard she fell over).

Although it follows the happiest time of the year, January to me is a clean fresh slate. A blank canvas if you will, which you can start splodging all sorts of colourful bits on. Its a time to get you sh*t together and start on *holds back gag* the new you.

So I am going to give you a fantastical list of why you shouldn’t be such a Debbie downer this month, why you should embrace the beginning of the vast unknown that is 2017.

1. Sales Shopping. You’ve seen those boots for months and put off buying them – go mental and get them in two colours. 

2. Fluffy pajamas. Fluffy blankets. Fluffy everything. You ca snuggle down in you bed-fort and binge watch your faves on YouTube or  whack out the Netflix. 

3.  A new yearly diary. Whether you have a conventional one or one that Pinterest would drool over, its great to start putting down whats going to be coming up this year and planning ahead. 

4. Daylight is actually returning. Pretty sure we’ve been living in constant darkness for the past two months so be glad that January brings about the longer daylight hours return.


5. Snow is always on the cards. In fact some already fell across the country last week and we all went mad for it. 


6. All the snugly scares and gloves can still be worn without the fear of that clammy warm feeling.


7. The flowers are returning and the most resilient ones, who lasted through the festive period, are looking their best.


8. Get motivated, every other bloody person is.


9. You get to actually use all the cool stuff you got for Christmas/in the sales. 


10. It’s a new beginning

So are you now looking forward to seeing what the rest of January will hold?

sign off


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