December Favourites


Lee Stafford My Big Fat Healthy Hair Conditioner – Boots – £5.99

I got this along with its shampoo and heat protection counterparts as a part of my xmas gifts this year and blimey this stuffs good. It had an odd texture when you use it but once it’s all washed out and dry, my hair is light as a feather and not weighed down by product residue.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Digital Hair Straightener – Argos – £39.99

Luck would have it that before I even opened the gift mentioned above, I bought myself these because my previous ones had given up the ghost halfway through styling my hair one day. They add a little shine to the hair which is fab

Pug Print Super Soft Plush Throw – ASDA – £6.00

This was also a gift (you seeing a trend here?) which was from a friend who knew how much I love pug styled things. It’s been my saviour over the past few weeks when it’s been artic cold.

Error 404 Bath Bomb – Lush – £4.04

I bought this in November but only used it this past month which was unfortunate because of how much it turned out I liked it (it’s currently sold out). It has a vanilla / toffee ish scent that has a musky undertone which really clings to the skin. Love!

Green Velvet Zip Around Backpack – Primark – £9.00

This little number is actually a sales purchase (even though it was full price) and I’ve been using it as my everyday bag ever since. The green is very dark so looks black in some light but as soon as sun hits it, it glows a lovely emerald colour.

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