You’ve been Mangoed

I’m back again with the weekly review of a Lush product from my collection.  Today’s product is one I have never tried before: You’ve been Mangoed bath melt.

Lush’s Description

 Good dull day all. Amongst your inventory I’m led to believe is a zesty specimen I’m keen to acquire, with the butter of mango and avocado. Release an outlaw of tropical proportions when you free lemon, lemongrass and lime oils in your bath. Yet to be mangoed? It’s time to liberate your senses and try this bright orange and green bath oil.

My review

This little bath oil guy is a little underwhelming for an oil. It made a very small display of colour varying from orange to green, which when mixed made a darker green tone overall. Bath oils are always a hard one for me as I feel you can never really wash your hair when ones in the tub with you, for fear of looking like a grease ball later in the evening. I enjoyed it overall, but would possibly split the little bar into three to make the oil less greasy on the skin. .





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